Who’s Next?

Another week and the Cancel Mob is already warming up with some new candidates for erasure from our culture. So who do you think is up next?

Pepe Le Pew? Well, he was considered quite the romantic in his day. He pursued his love interests with a passion. Unfortunately for Pepe, he is now seen as contributing to the Rape Culture.

Speedy Gonzales? Obviously this must be offensive to Mexicans everywhere. It is obviously a tongue-in-cheek, backhanded slap to hispanics and their reputations of being lazy. But it is hard to find a Mexican who doesn’t like Speedy actually. And no one will deny that as a group, hispanics are some of the hardest working people on the planet.

Yosemite Sam? Both Sam and Elmer Fudd carry guns and shoot at other characters. That has got to be cancel-worthy.

And watch out Foghorn Leghorn! We hear your neck is on the chopping block too!

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